BoostNB Background



Who Are We

BoostNB is a research stream of Pathways to Proffessions and acts as a dashboard of economic indicators that provides straightforward, fact-based information about the New Brunswick economy for New Brunswickers. Each summer, post-secondary students in NB come together with the goal of making information about the New Brunswick economy easier to access , easier to understand, and more available to the general public. We work under the guidance of the Vaughan Chair in Regional Economics, Dr. Herb Emery. Learn more in the About Us page.

What We Do

The Boost team researches indicated sectors and their accompanying “stretch goals” which have been created and identified in response to the OneNS Now or Never Action Plan In 2016, the Government of New Brunswick released its Economic Growth Plan, which outlines potential sources of growth for the province while citing the importance of innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation. BoostNB includes some of the provincial government’s goals among the economic indicators for industries.

How We Do It

By using StatsCan data, BoostNB student-researchers identify emerging trends and developments within the province of NB, to then ultimately update the BoostNB website. There are currently 20 BoostNB “stretch goals” to be updated.

Why We Do It

BoostNB wants to provide straightforward, fact-based information about New Brunswick's economic trends to New Brunswickers. Our goal is to reach as many New Brunswickers as possible with unbiased, data-driven information.

Pathways to Proffessions (P2P)

Pathways to Professions (P2P) is a 13-week experiential learning program developed by NB-IRDT. The program provides post-secondary students with meaningful work experience, labour market training, and skills development opportunities. Through P2P, students interested in data analysis, communications, project management, and networking opportunities are matched with peers and introduced to professionals in the field of research to produce relevant, data-informed deliverables for community-based organizations.


The New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training (NB-IRDT) is a research data centre at UNB and the sole administrative data repository in New Brunswick. NB-IRDT collaborates with the government and other public bodies to produce evidence-based research to promote the health, progress, and prosperity of New Brunswickers –all while prioritizing citizens’ privacy and security of information. NB-IRDT believes data is the way of the future, and is committed to investing in the next generation of researchers through initiatives such as Pathways to Professions.